Matte Love: Jordana Cosmetics!

Hello Everyone! Hope all of you are doing great and having an awesome day! This is my very first blog entry and  I decided to go with a product review on a very oldie but goodie who still remains strong in the makeup industry, JORDANA COSMETICS. 

JORDANA COSMETICS has been around ever since I was a young girl. I remember walking into my local beauty supply store and finding a section with lipsticks, lip glosses, lipliners and nail polishers from JORDANA COSMETICS. Today most of those products have remain and others have changed or vanished. With today’s fast growing cosmetic industry, JORDANA COSMETICS has had to keep up with it’s competitors. 

Since MATTE LIPS are super in these days and I’m all for it, I got a few JORDANA MODERN MATTE LIPSTICKS.



These can be found at or some of your local drugstores. I found these at a Walgreens, unfortunately Walgreens does not sell these online.  

Here comes the product review:


  • Creamy Matte Color (non-drying on lips).
  • Long Lasting. 
  • Yummy Smelling Lipsticks. 
  • Variety of Colors (suitable for different lip tones).
  • Affordable/Inexpensive and good quality (around $3).


  • Contains some Shine (they are NOT super matte on lips).
  • Light Colors such as “Matte Blush” go on almost sheer on lips.
  • Need 2 or more applications for a more pigmented color.

Overall, I would highly recommend this product. They are NOT super matte but that’s ok with me since I personally don’t enjoy super drying lipsticks. Hope everyone had a great time reading my first post. Please feel free to comment or ask me questions. Thank you!




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