Mask those Lips :) or NOT :/

Hello everyone! Its been awhile since I last posted. With all the family festivities from the holidays along with my fitness/personal goals, it was hard to keep up with my blog but I will try my best to be more consistent plus I am a newbie here but yes I know “No Excuses!”

Today’s post will be about something new for me and others out there. For a few years I’ve heard about Lip Scrubs and balms for super soft lips, but never of a Lip Mask!!! With all these new lip products that go on and on, on our lips, this creates dry, rough, chapped lips screaming for some moisture and softness.

Yuck! And who wants dead lips? Not Me!!! 

When I first heard of a Lip Mask, I was super excited to try one out. I’ve tried lip scrubs but never a lip mask. About two days ago I walked into my local T.J. Maxx and found this cute Lip Mask package for only $5. It was super cute and pink and strawberry flavor (I love anything Strawberry, even have a mini collection), so I though “How cute, I want it!” I got it!

Here we go: 


I tried the Lip Mask and here’s what I think.


  • It was loaded with serum.
  • Lip mask was big enough to fit any size.
  • Nice semi strawberry scent.


  • Lip mask was dripping and slipping from my lips (have to make sure you press really good against your lips).
  • Did Not leave my lips smooth and soft (how it claims).
  • Did Not exfoliate anything!
  • Felt and tasted plasticky (the few that went into my mouth :-/).

So there you have it. If you ever come across one of these Lip Mask packages, don’t be fooled by it’s cuteness and inexpensive price. This blog is to offer lip product reviews (among other things), whether they are worth buying or not. This particular product I wouldn’t recommend. I will keep hunting for a super duper awesome and worthy Lip Mask. Hope this was helpful and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask or send me some of your Lip Mask recommendations. Thank you Lip Lovers!!! 


Em 🙂


3 thoughts on “Mask those Lips :) or NOT :/

  1. I had such a bad experience with a lip exfoliation product years ago I’m real leery about trying another one. I broke out in these tiny pimples outlining my lips and they were so dry nothing helped to restore the balance. Needless to say, I’m afraid to try lip stains or any kind of product that I feel will leave my lips feeling dry. Do you have any recommendations for a good but cost effective moisturizer?

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    1. Sorry to hear that Steph :(. I’m always excited to try out new lip products but do worry about any side effects. I haven’t found the best lip moisturizer but coconut oil or even olive oil is great on the lips. I was having really bad chapped lips for the past weeks (plus it’s winter time here in N.Y.), and coconut oil and olive oil have saved my lips. Some people may not like the taste therefore you can apply on lips for couple of minutes until it penetrates and then wipe off and use a lip balm to seal the moisture. Hope this helps, plus it’s all natural products for your lips! 🙂

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